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Updated May 11th, 2020

Fixed issue where App silently exists if LDAP service is unavailable

Fixed issue where DIsk with capacity lower 1 GB would highlight red in Computer Properties

Fixed RDP issue, where the admin wants to shadow remote user session but not control

Fixed DNS reverse lookup displaying for IP address

Redesigned MPA Tools now faster and lighter.

More Flexible with a larger array of settings to tune data collection time

MPA Tools are now a 64-bit application

You can now Manage SCCM, Azure AD, and Intune Devices

A greater array of tools now allows creating even better workflows

Added Bit-Locker Key if Key is stored in AD 

Drive Encryption status

Anti-Virus Status

Power Plan

OS Licensing

Added Devices to Computer Properties

RDP Remote session is tuned 

AD Site resolution is more intuitive

Added HW Type

Tuned Treeview for faster folder collection

Lots more
  • You now can choose if you want to Ping or just List the computers you work on.
    • Great for environments where Ping is disabled by FireWall
    • If you would like just a get a simple report of computers and OS’s for example
  • OS build type is displayed in with OS now. Example “Windows 10 Enterprise 1809”
  • Added Refresh timeout to Computer Properties Page.
    • Now you can adjust the timeout and refresh settings
    • Refresh Button was also added to the Properties Page
  • User OU was added to user description view
  • Some core components were improved for better performance
  • Lenovo model type displays correctly now
  • Some small UI adjustments
  • Improvements on how tabs are operating, now tab items are grouped and less confusing
  • Now you can use a wild card “*” when pinging single computer to find and ping computers in AD that contain the string
  • SCCM Connector button will be added automatically if SCCM client is installed
  • Improved RDP connection time
  • Added hundreds of WIN32 classes to MPA WMI explorer 
  • LAPS Password will be displayed if LAPS is configured in the environment
  • Improved reboot history
  • Fixed issue for Logon history where records would duplicate on a re-run
  • Fixed GPResult issue, getting the result just for the user would fail
  • Remove “Remote Assistance”
  • Improved Licensing activation
  • UI Improvements
  • Fixed crash bug on the application startup
  • Fixed ‘File Tree’ issue where file properties would not display
  • Fixed Triggering Updates to install(SCCM update source)
  • Fixed GPResult issue, where results would default to a logged-in user
  • Fixed Random bug, when moving computer object to or from OU, where OU name contains ‘#’ character

Initial Release

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