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Can I move license to another computer?

No problem with that. Just deactivate your installation from the “About” window, which can be accessed from the main window of MPA Tools.

Can I open multiple sessions on the same computer?

Yes absolutely! I would even recommend that for data comparison and multitasking. Just keep in mind that you can double the tasks on the same remote computers.

Can MPA Tools be installed on Citrix?

Yes. You will have to have a number of licenses = number of admins that can run the application.

How can I retrieve my licences from a lost or unusable computer?

It happens, computers crash, hard-drives die. Just email us, and we will reset your license so you can use it on another computer!

Can I manage multiple domains from one console?

Unfortunately no. MPA Tools is designed to work with the domain where it is installed.

Unique, easy to use, and simply most helpful tool to support desktops and servers. MPA Tools helps us with all our operations.

Scott Sangret

IT Deskside Technical Teamlead

MPA Tools really helped out the IT department be more efficient. Easy to use and a great interface!

Raju Korotana

Manager, Information Technology

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